Zinpro Performance Minerals

Our Zinpro Performance MineralsÒ includes products such as Availa®4, Availa®Zn, Availa®Cu, Availa®Fe, Availa®Mn, Availa®Sow, Availa®Plus, Availa®ZMC and Zinpro®100. Zinpro Corporation was the first company to manufacture metal amino acid complexes for animal diets. These complexes are manufactured with our patented “amino acid extraction process” that breaks down a pure source of protein into free amino acids. The free amino acids are then complexed to the trace mineral. The result is the most readily available form of trace minerals and a strong return on investment. Find a product below: 



Zinc amino acid complex

Availa-Zn zince amino acid complex


Copper amino acid complex


Iron amino acid complex


Manganese amino acid complex


Zinc, manganese and copper amino acid complex

Zinpro 100

Zinc methionine complex